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Touched by the memory

of God,

we are here

to change the destiny of stars.


The memory of God

is an impeccable space

intact within each one

guarded by His Grace.


The remembrance is not verbal.

It is a Presence.

You attain it not through learning.


Every time you love another

it is in remembrance of God.

When you are transformed

the whole world is affected.


Once your eyes are open

you see the perfection in everything.

You are never part of

the idiosyncracies of another person,

for you do not relate at that level.

You relate from a state of love

in which both become one.


Do not ever underestimate yourself

- that is a denial of your glory.

Nothing exists in this universe

that is not to serve you.


All the benedictions of Heaven

are upon the person

who wants to discover the perfection

within himself.


                                                Tara Singh