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Tara Singh

The Joseph Plan Foundation is a non-profit educational foundation dedicated to inspiring individuals and the general public to achieve fulfillment through charitable service. 

Founded by Tara Singh in 1993, the Foundation responds to opportunities to contribute to the service work of others and disseminates materials which instruct, uplift and inspire. If ever you have a question about us, our work, or the materials we provide, you can Contact Us here.

To Joseph Plan Foundation it is you, the individual, who is important.


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A Gift for All Mankind:

Discovering A Course in Miracles

New Kindle Release

A Gift for All Mankind: Discovering A Course in Miracles

Tara Singh's best selling book, A Gift for All Mankind: Discovering A Course in Miracles is now available as an eBook through Amazon.

Click here to order from Amazon.

In A Gift for All Mankind Tara Singh, one of A Course in Miracles' leading teachers, shares how and why the Course came at this time and the kind of attention required to bring it to application.

Tara Singh guides you step by step through the first ten Lessons of A Course in Miracles. He focuses their wisdom on how to change your values, simplify your life, and let go of the pressures of today’s world with its distortions of fear, loneliness, and pain. He shows how the Course can help you heal relationships and attain the silent energy of the spirit.


“Tara Singh’s words…have a life behind them ― an inspired life wholly dedicated to sharing the Course with earnest students.” 
Gerald Jampolsky, M.D., Author ofLove is Letting Go of Fear

“If you have become disillusioned with any spiritual teaching because you just couldn't make it work for you, this book will provide insight and start a revolution in your life.”
New Visions

“Tara Singh’s words are powerful, yet empowering; piercing, yet gentle; compelling, yet freeing.”
Hugh Prather, Author ofNotes to Myself.

“Tara Singh is for me the most eloquent spokesman for serious students of A Course in Miracles. Not since J. Krishnamurti has there been a voice so aware of our deepest spiritual needs.”
James Kavanaugh, poet, philosopher, psychologist, author